Royal Enfield Gets a new Logo, Do You Like It?

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 Royal Enfield New Logo (2)

Royal Enfield seems to be riding a wave of change. After overhauling its engines with more contemporary tech, introducing EFI and launching a whole bunch of new products across segments, it seems the world’s oldest bike maker is willing to spruce up its brand image too. One of the readers of Bikeadvice has taken some images of the new Royal Enfield logo on some production bikes. The new logo is more in tune with today’s times, and has and organic, flowing feel to it.

While we are not very sure how well the purist RE fans would take the design, we quite like it. It’s a beautifully done logo – very neat with no hint of excess or skeuomorphism. It’s clean, uncluttered, and has a fresh sppeal. At the same time, it isn’t overly hip either, radiating a good degree of old worldly class. We honestly believe that RE has done an excellent job with the new logo.

Royal Enfield New Logo (1)

Times, they are changing, and its only apt for the Chennai based bikemaker to make necessary changes to take on the modern times, without losing out on its heritage value of course. The Café racer introduced recently was appreciated by one and all as a fantastic execution of that philosophy. The company is also working on a brand new 400cc engine to power it future products. We are sure that behind the closed doors of the company’s board rooms the head honchos are also contemplating how to introduce more technologically advanced products without losing out on the traditional allure of the brand, ala Triumph to an extent.
Well done RE. Great job! We hope the upcoming products are equally good too.

What do you think of the new logo? Do let us know via your invaluable comments.

Images: Bikeadvice

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  • Paresh says:

    Yes. Kunal! It looks charmless..

  • atul says:

    RE should not have changed the logo. I think youth would reject it rather than accept it. Good I have RE bike with Old logo.

  • hell says:

    is it any cartoon name, absolutely ridiculous.. bring back the old logo

  • Kiran Bhadur says:

    Guess the board of people who did this were working for some beauty parlour hoardings.
    Will never buy a bullet with this bullshit logo.

  • prez says:

    Horrible Yarr !!! Old 1 was too good , don’t change 🙁