Royal Enfield Classic Range Gets New Official Accessories

The Royal Enfield Classic range can now be fitted with some new accessories which enhance the bike's long-distance touring capabilities and comfort

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Having launched the Bullet Trials, which is essentially a Classic with added bits to make it fare better off the road, the Classic range can also now be decked up with some new official accessories. Just recently, RE had announced the availability of alloy wheels for their war-era styled motorcycles. In addition to that, the bike can now be affixed with a headlight grille like the Bullet Trials, a windshield, engine bars, luggage racks, touring seats, panniers and much more. Below is a list with prices:

  • Machined oil filler cap – silver or black: INR 775
  • Machined front reservoir cap – silver or black: INR 675
  • Pannier mounting kit – left side: INR 1,600
  • Pannier mounting kit – right side: INR 1,200
  • Luggage rack – chrome finish: INR 2,850
  • Luggage rack – black finish: INR 2,400
  • Soft panniers – right side: INR 3,300

Royal Enfield Classic 1600×900

With these accessories, Royal Enfield is addressing the needs of those who travel long distances on these bikes and things like the luggage rack, touring seats, panniers and mounting kit will definitely be useful to those who seek such additions. For shorter riders, there’s also a low seat which should help them to get in and stay in the saddle easily.

  • Soft panniers – pair: INR 5,500
  • Touring seat – rider: INR 2,150
  • Touring seat – passenger: INR 1,850
  • Low seat – rider: INR 1,800
  • Seat cover – rider: INR 700
  • Seat cover – rider and passenger: INR 850
  • Clear windshield: INR 5,000
  • Windshield embellisher kit: INR 1,500
  • Headlight grille: INR 1,200

Royal Enfield Classic Panniers

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The Royal Enfield 350cc and 500cc range of motorcycles are about to be overhauled with next-gen examples which are currently being developed. Rumoured to be out next year, the updated bikes are said to be built upon a new architecture for the engine and chassis. And although they will continue to retain their old world charm, visually too, they will look different than the existing examples. The biggest change will happen in the engineering though, and if the new 650cc twins are anything to go by, expect enhanced quality, better components, and a smooth, vibe-free motor. This should definitely keep RE loyalists happy, especially when competitors like Jawa are already here and gaining quite a lot of traction. We’ll keep you updated with all the news on that front. Stay tuned!