Rolls-Royce Wraith Finished in Lime Green Commissioned by Michael Fux

rolls royce wraith finished in lime green. Read ahead for more details

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Rolls Royce offers heavy customization options to the wealthy buyer. Now, entrepreneur and philanthropist Michael Fux went ahead and got himself a brand new Rolls-Royce Wraith featuring a unique color combo.


Earlier this year, Michael, who is the founder of mattress company Sleep Innovations, had his precious Ferrari Enzo heavily damaged by a mechanic who took his car for a joyride. Now he should be happy after receiving his new lime green Wraith. Described by Rolls-Royce as being “special in every respect”, the bespoke Wraith comes with an unusual lime green & cream exterior color combination.


For the elegant interior cabin, Michael Fux chose a full lime green look and it seems green is his favorite color as he also owns a McLaren P1 by McLaren Special Operations (MSO) featuring a darker tone of green also applied onto the wheels. The dashboard, wooden panels, seats, steering wheel, the headliner and even the floor mats get the lime green treatment.

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