Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II launched in New Delhi

Following the launch of Ghost Series II in Mumbai last November, Rolls-Royce rolled into the Indian capital last evening and received a gala reception at The Grand New Delhi.

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Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II New Delhi (1)

Ghost Series II unveiled in New Delhi: Sven Ritter, General Manager forRolls-Royce Motor Cars Asia Pacific (L) and YadurKapur, DirectorRolls-Royce Motor Cars New Delhi (R)

Following the launch of Ghost Series II in Mumbai last November, Rolls-Royce rolled into the Indian capital last evening and received a gala reception at The Grand New Delhi. The event was attended by Delhi’s A-listers in the corporate fraternity and society. It also witnessed, one of the first and the youngest owner of the Ghost Series II, Paras Gupta, Director Mothers Pride, from New Delhi, felicitated by the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars team at the event. The Series II retails INR Rs 4.5 crore (ex-showroom India).

Mechanically, the Ghost Series II remains similar to the outgoing version. So, the Ghost Series II comes with a 6.6-litre twin turbocharged V12 engine that puts out 563 bhp of power and 780 Nm of torque. The V12 is mated to the same 8-speed ZF automatic transmission that was found on the previous model. This ultra-luxury car accelerates from naught to 60 mph in 4.9 sec (0-100 km/h 5.0 sec) and has a governed top speed of 155 mph / 250 kph. Rolls Royce has also equipped the Ghost Series II with new rear axle bearings, revised struts and wheel dampers.

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Paras Gupta with his new Midnight Sapphire Ghost Series II at The Grand New Delhi: (L to R) Sven Ritter, General Manager for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Asia Pacific, Paras Gupta, Director Mothers Pride and YadurKapur, Director Rolls-Royce Motor Cars New Delhi

So what’s new in the new Ghost Series II?

In terms of design, Ghost Series II presents significant recent technological updates in an exterior package that represents evolutionary changes to Ghost’s timeless aesthetic.


  • A contemporary re-imagining of Ghost’s front face, re-engineered and re-designed LED headlights are framed by day-time running lights.
  • Revised surface treatments including re-sculptured bumpers that present a wider, more dynamic stance.
  • A new bonnet design featuring tapered ‘wake channel’ emanating from the Spirit of Ecstasy that hints at Ghost Series II’s dynamism.
  • The waft line leans further forwards, giving further expression to Ghost’s dynamic driving experience.
  • New paint and wheel options giving customers greater scope for Bespoke personalization.

Interior design

  • Re-designed front seats include electronically adjustable thigh supports and depth adjustment. Rear seats have been subtly re-angled to augment effortless communication with fellow passengers.
  • The clock fascia and instrument dials are enhanced with the addition of polished metal chaplets that evoke premium watch design.
  • Option of extending natural grain leather to the A and C pillars.
  • The scope for Bespoke customisation is extended with the introduction of two new, exquisitely crafted veneers: Paldao and Walnut Burr Crossband.

Technological and engineering enhancements

  • Re-designed LED headlights incorporating the latest technologies. A whiter, brighter light augments driver safety whilst electronic reflectors move in the direction of travel in response to steering-wheel turns. New anti-glare technology deflects light when a car approaches in the other direction, giving Ghost Series II drivers the benefit of full-beam headlights at all times.
  • Suspension enhancements include re-engineered front and rear struts, new steering gear and adjusted dampers that increase the car’s cornering ability when the Dynamic Driving Package is specified.
  • New hydraulic rear axle bearings enhance ride quality and rear stability whilst reducing vibrations and cabin intrusions.
  • All Ghost Series II motor cars feature Satellite Aided Transmission as standard – a technology that utilizes GPS and mapping data to ensure the car is always in the correct gear when negotiating turns, motorway exists and roundabouts.

Technical Specifications:

TypeV12 48-valves
Power563 bhp
Torque780 Nm
TransmissionZF 8HP90
Length5399mm (Standard)5569mm (Extended Wheelbase)
Wheelbase3295mm (Standard)3465mm (Extended Wheelbase)
Turning Circle14 meters
Boot Space490 litres
Fuel Tank Capacity82.5 litres
Claimed Fuel Consumption
City21.4 litres/100 kms
Highway9.8 litres/100 kms


Courtesy: BusinessWire India

Rolls Royce Ghost India
Rolls Royce Ghost India (2)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-window-Switches (56)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Side-View (32)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Sharad Kachalia-and-Sven Ritter (5)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Sharad Kachalia-and-Sven Ritter (4)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Sharad Kachalia-and-Sven Ritter (3)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Sharad Kachalia-and-Sven Ritter (2)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Sharad Kachalia-and-Sven Ritter (1)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Seat-Controllers (83)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Scruff-Plate (79)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-RR-Umbrella (77)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-RR-Logo (40)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Rear-View-Camera (42)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-rear-View-Camera (36)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Passenger-Side-Sun-Visor (30)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Passenger-Seats (71)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Parking-Switch (53)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-New-Alloy-Wheel (16)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Interior-Switches (80)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Interior-Switches (69)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Interior-Steering-Wheel (47)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Interior-Steering-Wheel (25)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Interior-Rear-Seats (31)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Interior-Lights (45)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Interior-Grab-Handle (46)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Interior-Driver-Seat (23)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Interior-Displays (81)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Interior-Dashboard-Steering-Wheel (61)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Interior-Dash-Board (24)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Interior-Dashboard (22)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Interior (82)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Interior (55)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Headlight-with-DRL (39)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Headlight-Turn-Indicators (70)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Headlights-with-DRL (72)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Headlight-Switch (67)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Headlight-LED-DRL (12)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Grille (38)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Grille (15)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Glove-Box (27)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Fuel-Filling-Space (26)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Floor-Mat (74)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Exhaust (21)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Drive-Stalk (68)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Driver-Side-Storage-Compartment (48)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Driver-Seat (73)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Door-Mounted-Switches-Opening-Handle (75)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Door-Lock (76)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Door-Handles (66)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Door-Handle (44)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Door (78)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Dead-Pedal-Brake-accelerator-Pedal (62)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Dashboard (57)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Cup-Holder-Drive-Selector-Knob (49)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Cup-Holder (85)
2015-Rolls-Royce-Ghost-Series-II-India-Launch-Controller-Switches (29)

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