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Rolls Royce

Last week Rolls Royce launched the much talked about ‘Ghost’ super-luxury car, through its Mumbai dealership – Navnit Motors. The ‘Rolls Royce for everyday use’ is what the carmaker defines the Ghost as (sure!), is priced at Rs. 2.5-crore – quite economical, should you compare it to its elder sibling, the Phantom, which itself attracts a price tag of Rs. 5-crore. The launch comes in after almost a week of the Ghost’s launch in Delhi. And guess what, as the launch function was underway in Mumbai, the Delhi showroom had already accepted as many as 60 bookings for the Ghost – that’s the exact number of this model that Rolls Royce had allocated for India! Is our country progressing or what!?

A testimony to this fact comes straight from Collin Kelly’s (Asia Pacific Regional Director, Rolls Royce) mouth, as he was quotes “India will become one of the most important markets for the Ghost, as it is for Phantom in the Asia Pacific region. Rolls-Royce’s rich history in India, the brand’s return to the country in 2005 and strong economic growth has ensured that our business here has developed steadily.” The car, like most other Rolls Royce models will be made to order and for India the deliveries will commence by Q2 2010. With the allocated number of Ghosts for India already exhausted, Rolls Royce may soon need to jack up the production to meet the increasing demand in our progressing country!
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