Rok Bagoros introduces his T-shirts from ‘RokOn’ collection

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Rok Bagoros has introduced his T-shirt from ‘RokOn’ collection. Commenting on the launch, the young KTM stunt rider said,’‘It is a great pleasure and a dream come true, to introduce my first T-shirt from ‘RokOn’ collection. This year has been really special, since me and my team really step it up in all aspects. First, we created unique stunt riding show, which we simply named ‘RokOn show’ and was exceptionally well accepted from all spectators. I always wish to create something that people will remember for log time and a T-shirt was more or les a logical result of that. At my shows we party like on a rock concert and I wish that people can take a piece of that also to their lives’’.


Rok was fully involved in creating designs on his black and white T-shirts, which also incorporate his motivation saying: ‘Dream big, never give up!’


‘Working with people at KTM, who were involved in the creation of this T-shirts was a great pleasure, since they are really professional and know their business well! T-shirts are made of top quality cotton with many details that reflects also my passion for riding. It’s pure urban style that goes well with my KTM stunt beasts!’ he says.

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