Range Rover Sport Hybrid to debut at Frankfurt Motor Show

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Land Rover has announced that the Frankfurt Motor Show in September this year would see two new variants of the L494 Range Rover Sport – one being a diesel-electric hybrid and the other a regular diesel V8.


Speaking to motoring.com.au, Stuart Frith, Land Rover’s Chief Programme Engineer also hinted possibilities that future Range Rover Sports variants would sport a 4 cylinder ‘Ecoboost’ engine, though it won’t be happening anytime soon.

He said “The significant weight reduction of 420kg has allowed us to put an inline four-cylinder engine in the car – which will come later in the life cycle of the product. Prototypes that we’ve made, with the I4 in, the car really still is truly a Range Rover; it still has the performance and off-road capability, because of that weight saving.” But he was keener at speaking on the hybrid and V8 diesel variants that are slated to reach dealerships before end of this year.

“Another addition, really a reintroduction for Range Rover Sport is a V8 diesel, so the SDV8 rejoins the line-up at the end of 2013, and that’s got 700Nm of torque.” Also later in 2013, our first hybrid will join the range.” he added.


He hinted at possibilities of a generator sandwiched between the engine and the ZF eight-speed transmission on the new hybrid variant. Also their hybrid drive technology would subsequently be introduced on the L405 Range Rover.

Commenting on the CO2 emissions, he said that the output on new hybrid variant would stand at 169 g/km and despite the hybrid setup, the cabin and luggage space won’t be affected as all the hybrid hardware would be bolted under the floor.

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