The Puritalia 427 is the Italian equivalent of the Shelby Cobra

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Puritalia 427 (3)

A new sports-car arrives. It’s called the Puritalia 427, and is a Naples born, full-blooded Italian roadster packing 605 horsepower. It’s inspiration, though, comes from the legendary Shelby Cobra, the name which has spawned countless kits, home made sports cars and replicas around the world. The gaping grille and the round headlamps are a modern day nod to the Cobra’s fascia, while the classic roadster shape, penned by designer Fabio Ferrante,  packs the right curves and contours to do any sports car proud.

Puritalia 427 (12)

There’ll be more than enough performance too, with a 445-horsepower 5.0-liter Ford V-8 ready to roast the rear tires. If that doesn’t sound potent enough for you, there’ll also be a supercharged option pumping out as many as 605 horsepower. The Purtulia 427 tips the scales at only 1150 Kgs thanks to the bodywork which has been constructed from carbon fiber composite materials. As the suggests, only 427 of these will be ever built, with the car going on sale in 2016 with prices starting from 180 000 euros (INR 1.4 Crore).

Puritalia 427 Interior (2)

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