Porsche’s ‘Track Precision App’ Is A Virtual Driving Coach Which Helps Owners Go Faster


Porsche is one rare brand that cares about purists. The reason why it is lauded by car enthusiasts from around the world. Where most these days don’t, Porsche continues to offer stick shift with its much-loved sports cars. Honed on race tracks, even their first-ever electric car is built to do just one thing – Go Fast! Porsche understands that when you’re out on the track, each millisecond matters a lot, and drivers tend to analyze their driving patterns to improve their lap timings more and more.

What is included in Porsche’s Track Precision App?

The Porsche Track Precision App records, analyses and displays individual driving data on the racing circuit. The goal is to allow drivers to further develop their personal driving styles. While driving, the application evaluates detailed real-time data on speed, longitudinal and lateral acceleration, braking force and engine revs. The Porsche Track Precision App can now be displayed and operated directly on the car’s screen using Apple CarPlay through the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system.

Porsche Track Precision App

The latest Version 3.2 offers Porsche drivers an additional 100 pre-programmed race tracks, bringing the total number of international circuits to more than 300. This selection can be further extended with individual recordings. The training app is available for all current-generation Porsche 911 and 718 models in combination with the Sport Chrono Package.

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2020 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet and Coupe

The PCM connects the Porsche Track Precision App to various control units in the car and enables the recording of data from the car’s sensors. The application evaluates the gathered information in comparison to a reference lap or the desired personal target. The Porsche Track Precision App offers a unique range of functions, both when driving and also for later analysis. These include:

  • Automatic recording of lap times by using GPS
  • Live display: the lap timer shows current time and speed deviation in relation to the reference lap
  • Video analysis: driving footage recorded on smartphones or action cams can be combined with available data afterwards
  • Driving performance analysis: a wide range of information, such as steering angle, brake pressure and accelerator pedal position, is available. Comparing the data with previous laps can make improvements visible
  • Data can be transferred using AirDrop to allow detailed analysis on an iPad
  • The Apple Watch app allows recording to be started and stopped and monitors the driver’s pulse.
  • Individual driving experiences can be shared on social media

With this new extension, Porsche is taking a step forward in fusing modern technology with the simple driving pleasure of piloting a fast car around a racetrack.


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