Porsche 911 50th Anniversary: 5 decades and still so desirable

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One of the most iconic and desirable sports cars is all set to surpass its 50th birthday. The 911 since its inception has been the flagship of the Porsche lineup deeply engraved with rich motorsports legacy ranging from 24 hour Le Mans endurance to Paris Dakar Rallies.

Unveiled to the world at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1963 and powered by an air-cooled flat six boxer engine, the Stuttgart born 911 has come of age with major engineering transformations. But retention of the legendary design and basic mechanics has made it one of the most sought after sports car in the history of automobiles.


The 911 theme, particularly the frontal looks of the car symbolized the Porsche brand, and was carried over to other cars in the line-up that triggered a contagious reaction amply reflected in their sales charts even today.

We’d wish the 911 a very happy birthday in advance, and maybe someday you’d find it featured under our reviews section.

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