Polo Cup Driver Fitness Camp 2011 conditions drivers

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Volkswagen Motorsport India conducted a three-day fitness camp in Lonavala for the drivers of the Polo Cup. The recently confirmed 20 Polo Cup India 2011 drivers were taken through a number of sessions designed to provide them with the fitness tools to become well-rounded racing professionals.

The fitness camp was conducted by professional trainers from ABS Fitness & Wellness Club, which included experts from Nutrition management, Kick- Boxing, Aerobics and Power Yoga. Sessions on Rock Climbing, Archery and Recovery Yoga were some of the added sessions this year. Through the course of the camp, the young drivers attended sessions on Power Yoga – to increase strength, mental focus and flexibility and Aerobics – to correct their posture and increase concentration. Besides the importance of fitness in racing, the drivers were also briefed on Sponsor Management and Data Logging.

“The Polo Cup India is the ideal stepping stone into the world of international motorsports. Polo Cup India is not just about racing cars on the circuit but also about educating the drivers and assisting them to achieve their best on the circuit. The goal of this program is to provide the drivers with necessary techniques and equipment needed to develop their fitness levels which will ultimately help them to perform better”, said Mr. Prithviraj Siddappa, Head of Volkswagen Motorsport India.

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