Pioneer India introduces 12 new products; includes Double Din models, sub-woofers, and amplifiers



Pioneer India Electronics unveiled its new range of in-car products for 2016-2017. The product range comprises of car head-units with advanced smartphone connectivity and more.  Pioneer has introduced Android Auto in its latest navigation-cum-entertainment systems. These products are also equipped with Apple CarPlay. Android Auto, according to the company, enhances the user’s experience by using the included external microphone and car speakers. The built-in equalizer, sub-woofer controls and the sound quality adjustment options featured in the head-units provide a number of customization options.


Pioneer has also introduced Advance Remote Control (ARC smartphone app) and high speed charging in some of its new car head-units. The ARC app allows its users to control music and fine tune audio settings of the car stereo directly from the smartphone. ARC also gives you a touch and swipe smart control of the basic car stereo.  With the new car stereo, you can charge your phone with up to 1.5A current on the move.

The TS-R6951S speaker focuses on the bass and comes with a covered grill for protection from dust and other external elements. The new TS-W306R sub-woofer, according to Pioneer, features higher wattage with 350 RMS and higher durability with VoiceCoil Cooling System. The brand also introduced 3 new amplifiers. They come with higher wattage with a price tag in the range of Rs. 4,990 to Rs. 8,990.


Speaking on the occasion, Minoru Ogawa, Managing Director, Pioneer India Electronics, said, “Pioneer is an undisputed leader in aftermarket car entertainment industry in India. At Pioneer we innovate and design our products basis the surveys and feedback from the customers so as to cater to the changing needs of the Indian customers. Our aim is to expand the customer base by spreading awareness for connected features like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, AppRadio Mode and removing inhalation concerns and myths related to upgrading the car entertainment system.

Following is a list of the new products launched by Pioneer India Electronics:

Car Stereo – 12 New Models

Touch Screen – Double Din models with navigation

  • AVIC-F80BT
  • AVIC-F980BT
  • AVH-X8890BT

Touch Screen – Double Din models

  • AVH-299BT
  • AVH-199DVD
  • MVH-AV189Double Din Models
  • FH-X789BTSingle Din Models
  • DEH-X3990BT
  • DEH-X2990UI
  • DEH-X1990UB
  • MVH-X199UI

1 New Speaker

  • TS-R6951S

1 New Subwoofer

  • TS-W306R

3 New Amplifiers

  • GM-A5702
  • GM-A6704
  • GM-A3702
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