More pics of Tata Light Specialist Vehicle 4×4 test mule surface online

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The vehicle you see here in these pics will surely interest those of you who have always fancied a Hummer. The new Tata Light Specialist Vehicle (LSV) 4×4 has been in news since more than a year and has been yet again caught undergoing tests on public roads. The new Tata Light Specialist Vehicle 4×4 is the manufacturer’s only four wheeled High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (Try saying it all in one go).

This fully-armoured vehicle from Tata Motors rivals the much hyped Mahindra Axe. Just in case it is still not obvious to you by now, the Tata Light Specialist Vehicle 4×4 is a fully armoured combat vehicle which our forces can use to transport combatants and artillery on various scouting or combat missions.

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Speaking about the distinctively “rambo-istic” styling, the Tata Light Specialist Vehicle definitely looks like it means business and seems mean enough to scare those piddly Japanese hatchbacks out there. As can be seen in the images, the TATA LSV 4×4 comes with a typically Tata front grille and has twin windscreens, which can be folded down if required.

The Tata Light Specialist Vehicle 4×4 boasts of a maximum payload capacity of as much as 1.2 tonnes and has a platform that is versatile enough for various applications. The LSV 4×4 has a top whack of 105 kmph and the engine comes mated to an automatic transmission.

The Tata LSV is apt for usage in temperatures ranging from -20 degree Celsius to 55 degree Celsius. The upcoming armoured vehicle from Tata has approach and departure angles of 45 degrees each. Combine this with an all time 4×4 and a ground clearance of 255 mm, and you are looking at some serious off-roading credentials.

And did we mention that it is not for sale to the public? 

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