Parking valet crashes rare Ferrari 250GT California Spider worth 50 crores

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A tragedy just struck in the stratospheric realm of ultra-exclusive, exotic classic cars. A 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO California Spder, the most sought after and valuable cars in the history of automobiles, has found itself in the irresponsible hands of a valet, and crashed itself.

Valet crashes ferrari

The incident happened in the car park of the Dubai International Financial Centre, where the owner had handed over the keys to his decade old, prized possession to the valet, who, having mistaken the accelerator pedal for the brake pedal, rammed 50 crores worth of classic Ferrari against something. From the looks of it, however, the damage looks salvageable, but an expensive one at that. The parking company has agreed to settle the repair bill.


Just to give a whiff of the exclusivity, only 55 units of the 250 GT California Spyder were ever made, and popular British radio host Chris Evans got himself one in 2008 at RM Auctions for a dizzying $10,894,900 (approx INR 69 Crore), making it the most valuable car in history. The one used in Matthew Broderick starer “Ferris Beuler’s Day Off” was a replica by the way.

On the other hand, Ferrari experts are calling the car in question a mere replica of the original 250 GTO, which is unconfirmed for now. If that hails true, it  means that the costs involved go down, and so does the punch of the whole issue, but regarding valets, we would suggest avoiding them unless its absolutely necessary. Stay tuned!

Source : 7DaysinDubai

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