Paris Hilton to run her MotoGP team in 2011


You heard it right! Paris Hilton will own and run her own MotoGP team for the 2011 season. The heiress will be present at Hotel ME in Madrid this Saturday (December 18th) to present the SuperMartxe VIP by Paris Hilton team. This team with an unusually long name will compete in the 2011 125cc World Championship.

So what made this glamour queen who is famous for her antics to stay in news decide on running a MotoGP team? Well, the idea came out of a dance party series called SuperMartxé VIP by Paris Hilton. The pretty rich girl loved the idea, and lo! We have a race team in her name.

The good news is she wouldn’t be riding any bikes. Nor would any of her brigade of models. We would love to see them lining up as pit babes though…wont we?


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