Pagani Reveals Its Most Badass Hypercar To Date, The Huayra R!

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Here’s a quick trivia. What’s quick, badass, insane and blows your mind every freaking time you look at it? We’ll give you a hint, it’s a Pagani. Italian carmaker Pagani is known for making some criminally amazing cars and this time around, Pagani just went like ‘its nice that we have amazing products like the Zonda and the Huayra but let’s just take things to the next level.’ And that’s it, Pagani turned it up to strat mode 11 and behold, the Pagani Huayra R, a track-focused version of the already insane Huayra.

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The Huayra is not just a machine, its not just pieces of carbon fibre and metal put together, it is a piece of art. You have to be an absolute oafish to not acknowledge the amount of brain scratching and hard work that went on behind the scenes to put together this marvellous piece of engineering. 

Pagani Huayra R front 3 quarters on track


The Huayra R’s chassis is a monocoque constructed of carbo-titanium and carbo-Triax with CrMo alloy steel front and rear subframes, which significantly augments the flex and torsional rigidity of the system. One look at this lovely looking car is enough to lure you in. Notwithstanding the angle you view it from, you will, more often than not witness some sharp, aggressive or some simply insane bits all of which are carefully designed and serve a special purpose in cutting the air as precisely as possible in the context of the car as a whole. Heck, from some very particular angles, this car looks like an LMP1. The front also features eye-shaped headlights and the rear houses the signature Pagani quad-exhaust, just above the massive diffuser, apart from all the aerodynamic bits, which unsurprisingly, help the Huayra R generate around 1000 kilos of downforce at 320 km/hr. It features forged monolithic aluminium wheels with 275/675 R19 and 325/705 R19 Pirelli rubber. Overall, the dry weight of the Huayra R is just 1050 kilos.

Pagani Huayra R front 3 quarters


Being a hypercar, the most curious bit will be its engine and boy, that is some engine. The Huayra R draws power from an AMG-derived 6.0L V12 engine which produces a massive 850HP of peak power @8250 RPM and 750Nm of peak torque between 5500-8320 RPM. All the grunt via this V12 is put to the asphalt by the rear pair of Pirellis via a 6-speed sequential, non-synchronised dog-ring gearbox. The stopping power is provided by 410mm rotors with 6 pistons and 390mm rotors at the rear also with 6 pistons. 

Pagani Huayra R rear 3 quarters


The base price for this genius piece of engineering is EUR 2.6 million which equals INR 22.4 crores under current exchange rates. You might cachinnate a bit by looking at what it’s worth in terms of money but let’s add to that cachinnation, only 30 units of the Huayra R will be made. How impressed or stunned or bowled over does the Huayra R leave you?

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