Our favourite Jeremy Clarkson quote isn’t from Top Gear

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Now that he is ousted from Top Gear, the world will largely remember Jeremy Clarkson for his outrageous statements and childish antics on and off camera. For the true petrolhead though, Clarkson will be remembered for his funny, insightful and quirky way of explaining often complicated concepts to the layman.

We aren’t writing him off yet, and outside of the Beeb, Clarson still has a lot to deliver to the car-loving world. But this got us thinking, what is the most memorable comment that he has ever made on Top Gear? Something that resonated with us at that time, and is still fresh in our memory, and will always remain?

A few came to mind almost immediately. Like this subliminally true one below:


And this one. Although we quite like some turbocharged flat-fours too:


And this one that we believe all Motoroids readers will immediately identify with:


This too:


This one on how to impress young girls easily, without getting into moral and legal trouble:


Here’s Clarkson lucidly explaining how a turbocharger works. Take that, Einstein!


Or how about the one word that perfectly exemplifies Jeremy Clarkson for us?


Then there’s that deeply emotional piece he gave while reviewing the beautiful Aston Martin vantage. Its V12, one of the last of a dying breed, evoked such emotion in the entire Top Gear crew that they felt lost for words or imagery. Even a uncharacteristically subdued Clarkson didn’t feel the need to shout or abuse, instead letting the moment do its talking. Set to the cadence of Brian Eno’s An Ending – Ascent, the clip is so beautiful that it made us viewers realize why we fell in love with cars at such a young age.

But then, thinking of this Aston made us remember another beautiful statement from Clarkson, something that has little to do with Top Gear. It is from an ad that Clarkson did for the Forza Motorsport 4 video game. It also featured another Aston, and Top Gear also partnered with Microsoft for the game, although they has nothing to do with this ad. Titled “Endangered Species,” it isn’t as much about selling us a video game, as it is a reflection of our current crossroads with powerful cars. Of our fascination with speed and lap times and acceleration and carbon-fibre and beautifully engineered machines.

This is the one moment that captures Clarkson at his best, according to us. What do you think? What is your favorite Clarkson moment? Let us know in the comments.

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