Official Images: 2011 Honda Jazz Hybrid


Believe it or not, but the Jazz is a very successful vehicle for Honda outside India. Since the firm recently announced that they have stopped diesel development for all their cars and would only concentrate on petrol engines and hybrid powertrains, it comes in as no surprise that the Jazz is one of the first hybrid vehicles to be unveiled after the said announcement. The new Jazz Hybrid will be powered by the same 1.3-litre hybrid powertrain that propels the Honda Insight with maybe some slight modifications to the power output.

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The Jazz Hybrid distinguishes itself from the regular Jazz with the new headlight and taillight trims, revised grille and the optional green colour that you see in these images. The car is expected to be launched only in Japan and Europe as of now and will unveiled in flesh at the 2010 Paris Motor Show. Since there was a camouflaged Jazz caught on test in China some time back, we can rest assured that there is indeed a facelift model of the petrol Jazz coming soon. Could the ASEAN version get these new headlights and taillights then? Only time will tell…



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