Now You Can Customize Your Royal Enfield Apparel Too!

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Ask any prominent customization house their choice of motorcycles for a custom job and hear the fellas scream out Royal Enfield’s name in unison. Minimalistic construction fused with not-so-modern equipment make Royal Enfields the perfect choice for a custom job. Inspired by the culture, Royal Enfield introduced the make it yours initiative – MiY, an inventive and unique motorcycle personalization tool, along with the Royal Enfield Meteor 350.

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Following enthusiastic consumer response to MiY for the Meteor, the Classic and the 650 Twin motorcycles, Royal Enfield today announced the launch of MiY initiative for its range of apparel and gear as well.

Royal Enfield MiY apparel

With MiY for apparel, consumers and riding enthusiasts will now be able to personalize their riding and lifestyle essentials such as helmets and t-shirts, by visiting their official website. There are now more than 7,000 distinctive options to personalize one’s helmet, and more than 15,000 options to personalize t-shirts using text, decals, graphics, colours, and several other choices. Users will now be able to personalize their helmets on the basis of shape (shell), colour palettes, internal fabric options, decals (graphics) and visors among others. The program also allows customers to personalize their helmet by letting them add text of their choice to their helmets, with up to 14 and 20 characters in the 1st and 2nd row respectively.

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Official statements

Speaking about the MiY initiative and the launch of MiY on apparel, Vinod K. Dasari, CEO, Royal Enfield, said, “In an effort to transform the experience of purchasing and owning a Royal Enfield motorcycle, we launched the Make It Yours initiative with the Meteor 350. A first of its kind, engaging and exciting purchase journey, MiY has received fabulous response from consumers. It has truly broadened the horizons for brand Royal Enfield, as several new buyers have opted to purchase via MiY to personalize and build motorcycles that have been a true reflection of their own personalities. We are extremely happy to extend the Make It Yours initiative to our range of apparel, including t-shirts and helmets. This brings alive the true potential of MiY, as enthusiasts can now wear their personality, on or off the saddle”

Royal Enfield MiY apparel 2


Speaking on the MiY initiative, Puneet Sood, Head – Apparel Business, Royal Enfield said, “Our motorcycles for long have been a canvas for ‘Self-expression’, and with our range of riding gear and apparel we aspire to do the same. MIY is about giving riders an option to customise and personalise their riding gear and apparel just like they have been doing it with their motorcycles. We are a community-driven brand and MIY is an enabler for our community to bring a ‘bit of themselves’ to their motorcycles and their riding gear and apparel.  Through the year we plan to bring in more diversity to the MIY initiative. It is our constant endeavour to enhance our rider’s motorcycling experience and for that reason, ‘Comfort, Style and safety’ are of paramount importance to us.“

Prices start at INR 3,200 for helmets and INR 1,250 for T-shirts respectively and the waiting period is around 15-30 days.

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