Now get your A-Star wrapped in 16 stunning graphics: full catalogue with prices

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In an extremely bold and innovative move, which is also an industry first in India, Maruti Suzuki India is offering its A-star customers an offer to get their cars wrapped in 16 jazzy designs. Maruti has always targeted the young, urban, educated customers with its A-Star hatch, and the bling custom graphic option may just appeal to a good lot of them. We have provided the entire catalogue of the designs, along with their respective names here in the image gallery after the post. .

The wrapping option comes as an exclusive accessory pack for the A-star customer. A-star customers can now personalise their Maruti A-star and A-star automatic in these flashy graphics. You can either get your A-star partially wrapped or completely wrapped. partial wrapping will cost you Rs 11,000 + tax + labour, while complete wrapping will make you poorer by 19,000 + tax + labour.

In MSIL’s words, “each of the 16 designs are meant to bring out the lighter side of the customer and challenge him to don the avatar of a rock star or a sturdy rock or a nocturnal or an enigmatic personality, and many more such interesting looks.” If you happen to own an A-star, you can get your car wrapped by calling 18100 1800 180.

The new graphic wraps will be accompanied by a new ad-campaign for the brand which will be aired across major satellite channels, print, web, outdoor and other mediums.

Shashank Srivastava, Maruti Suzuki India Chief General Manager- Marketing, said “Designer car wraps lend novelty, makes the user stand out in a crowd and looks really attractive. Moreover, Gen Y – which forms our core TG, is always on the lookout for new and creative things to match their personality type. The best part about a wrap is that it makes the car look like an extension of you. This special accessory pack will provide discerning customers a ‘sporty feel’, and provide them with an opportunity to customise the car to reflect their attitude.”

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