Now Get Updated Roadside Assistance For Your Jawa Bike


Jawa Motorcycles India has now introduced fully loaded Roadside Assistance (RSA) which is designed to improve one’s riding experience. The service provides assistance when support is needed, whether one is at home or when taking his/her motorcycle for a spin.

Benefits included in this package are getting a motorcycle repaired right away, depending on the support required or towing it to the service station in a safe manner.

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Services Offered Under RSA

The towing of the bike to the nearest service station determines whether or not RSA is available to you. Despite the difficulty, if one can safely take the vehicle to a nearby dealership or workshop, then RSA isn’t applicable. It’s to be called upon only in the dire straits. Jawa Motorcycles Roadside Assistance is available across a country-wide network. The toll-free service option functions around the clock with coverage provided for up to 100 kms.

Services also include roadside repair, fuel assistance, and lost key retrieval. Safe towing, and urgent message relay is available in the instance of bike immobilisation. Support in medical coordination is listed. Jawa RSA was first introduced towards the end of May 2020 in select cities. RSA services include fixing a flat battery or tyre, carrying out minor repairs, and leaving a message with relatives in case needed.

While the services may cover all bases, there might be limitations to it. This may be in the form of how many times a certain RSA offering can be availed during a year of usage. There may also be a limitation of how many times help can be acquired across all parameters in a given year. The service may be covered for a certain time limitation, and any service that requires more time than designated may be further charged.

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The red-painted RSA van from Jawa made its maiden appearance in December 2018. The cumulative cost for Jawa RSA comes around Rs 1000- 1300 per year. As of now, the RSA service appears to be available in a yearly format. For instance, in Calcutta, the service is available for Rs 1,050 and is a cost that’s added during the purchase process. Current bike owners may already have opted for RSA as part of their insurance cover depending on the policy.

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Recently, Jawa Motorcycles commenced the deliveries of the BS6 compliant Perak to its customers a week ago. The deliveries of the updated Perak hit a speed breaker when the nation went into a lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Jawa Perak is currently retailed at an ex-showroom price of Rs 1.95 lakh.

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