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World's First

If the inbuilt rear vision inside a helmet (the RV MSX1) wasn’t enough, here’s another technological offering for your head from Helmet Manufacturer Reevu. The term “heads up display” (HUD) might remind you of fast cars (oh yeah we remember our BMW M5 review) and fighter jets, but Reevu now brings the same technology right inside your helmet. Using a compact Multiple Reflective Optical System (M.R.OP.S) that is claimed not to strain the rider’s eye or cause unnecessary distractions while riding- the heads up display projects information such as turn-by-turn directions, speed and lap times.

World's First

Markus S. Engineering team leader said “Being able to integrate mobile communication systems in the form of a heads up display overcomes a number of issues in relation to the environment that a helmet inhabits. Noise is an issue that visual electronic Data overcomes and we have Invented, not only a functioning product but a product that has passed most of the World’s international standards, the invention can be used by a number of helmet wearer’s, an example is diagnostic engine Data or GPS capability, while the current product is for the motorsports sector further products are on the drawing board using the invention”.

motogp pitboard

The helmet does seem a technological innovation on paper, but we’re not sure as to how many riders would really want the numbers ticking in their line of vision. Yeah maybe down the line it might make sense in motorcycle racing championships such as MotoGP where this technology would look to replace the pit boards and update rider positions and timings wirelessly.

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