Nissan Officially teases the new GT-R before its 2016 New York Auto Show debut


new 2016 Nissan GT-R teaser

Nissan has just sent us a GIF image of what they are calling the ‘New GT-R’, meant to be unveiled at the 2016 New York Auto Show. Quite frankly, we are flummoxed with the news, as we are just done reviewing the current gen GT-R at the Buddh International Circuit; a car which is yet to be launched in India. The Godzilla, as we understood was supposed to stay here for some time. While a replacement is due tentatively in 2020, that too, purportedly with an electric drivetrain and autonomous driving capabilities, this one could be another, and last mid-term facelift (the R35 was introduced in 2008 with a facelift in 2011) for the current gen R35 GT-R.

In all honesty, we don’t expect the new GT-R to be much more than a facelift. Comparing that silhouette with the images of the car’s rear in several images has us quite convinced that design wise its more or less the same car as the current gen model. While there isn’t any official word on the update, based on what we have seen and heard, expect the new GT-R to be more insulated, refined, lighter, more powerful, and obviously, faster. We cannot really be conclusive about anything at this point, though.

Here’s what the mail mentioned “It’s just a week before the much anticipated New York International Motor Show 2016 will kick start. We would like you to take a sneak peek at the New Nissan GT-R. Find below the link for the animated teaser image of the Godzilla which will be unveiled at the upcoming motor show.”

Even with all those clouds forming a screen in front of our eyes, and making us feel woozy already, here it is, the teaser of the new, 2016 Nissan GT-R, duly converted into a video (the original file was a GIF). The car will be unveiled on 23rd March at the New York Motor Show.

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