Nissan Offers Downloadable Colouring Pages To Keep Enthusiasts Engaged


Feeling bored under the lockdown? Worry not, Nissan has brought in something to keep all auto enthusiasts engaged. Nissan’s global design team has a message that says “it all starts with a single line” as it looks to connect a worldwide community of artists through their new #DrawDrawDraw social project.

ariya nissan concept 5

Nissan is offering 23 newly created, downloadable colouring pages featuring beloved Nissan classic cars, current models, futuristic concepts and even some “cult classic” models, such as the Nissan Figaro and ChoiMobi. Nissan designers from around the world created the pages over the last few weeks, a time during which many people have been staying home because of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Commenting on this initiative  Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan’s senior vice president for global design said,” To draw, draw, draw, in our world, is one of the best ways to close the gap between wonderful creative impulses in your head and making it a reality – especially as we face this global pandemic together. Our team of designers, worldwide, are using this time to breathe, to draw, to dream creatively. I know that some of their best work will come from the challenges that we’re facing now. So we thought, ‘Why not give everyone a chance to express themselves creatively and share it with those who will appreciate it?’”

Albaisa has launched this effort with a video from his home, and with input from his two young sons, showing what he is currently drawing and why. Designers from his team will be posting additional videos in coming weeks to talk about their design inspirations, what they are drawing, how they became car designers, and tips for those looking to break into the business.

Albaisa also added that their inspiration for this project came from Nissan designer Giovanny Arroba who was the creative mind behind the recently unveiled Ariya Concept car. He conceded that Arroba was once asked for advice on how to become a car designer, to which Arroba replied simply, “Draw like crazy. Draw, draw, draw.”

Nissan is asking individuals to tag their drawings, from sidewalk art to napkin sketches to the downloaded colouring book pictures, with #drawdrawdraw. Albaisa also said that they are looking forward to celebrating passion and creativity and asked the participants not to be surprised if a Nissan Designer commented on their drawings and artwork.


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