Newest Harley on the block, the FXS Blackline, with video

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Harley Davidson have revealed their latest motorcycle, the FXS Blackline. The new bike has taken its form, after being inspired by the company’s Dark Custom project. The new Softail bike has newly carved out surfaces with a lightened rear fender.  The bike also features a new, and rather unusual asymmetrical fuel tank design. Harley calls the new bike ‘lean as wire, hard as iron and dark as a
tar road at midnight’.

The compact headlight and speedometer are tucked low into the wide front end, and there’s just enough shine to make the black parts look blacker. Aboard the Blackline, the rider hugs the frame on the lowest two-up seat ever offered by Harley-Davidson. Check out the stylish video after the features list

Key features of the 2011 Blackline include:

  • New Powertrain styling
  • New Round air cleaner cover in brilliant chrome.
  • New Black Denim powdercoat frame and swingarm.
  • Laced Aluminum wheels with black anodized rims.
  • Split Drag™ internally-wired handlebars mount directly to the top triple clamp.
  • Asymmetric five-gallon Softail fuel tank is clean on the left side, with a low-profile fuel fill on the right. Die cast “Blackline” trim panel flowing down the center of the tank is just high enough to cover the fuel pump hardware.
  • New Analog speedometer on a triple-clamp mount that also holds indicator lights. LCD screen on the speedometer includes low-fuel warning and “miles to empty” display function.
  • New 5.75-inch diameter headlamp in gloss black shell.
  • Polished forward foot controls.
  • Over/under chrome shotgun exhaust.
  • Optional Security Package with Anti-lock Braking System and
  • Smart Security System

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