New Tata Nano GenX is a leap into chic territory

The soon to be launched Tata Nano GenX will come with an AMT system, a tailgate that can be opened and refreshed styling to appeal the urban buyer.

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Tata Nano Genx

The Tata Nano until now was a perfect case study of what could’ve been a blockbuster, bogged down by a not so clever marketing strategy. However, the folks at Tata Motors haven’t given up on the little car yet and will be soon launching the Tata Nano GenX. In an refreshed approach to appeal the metropolitan car buyer and address his/her urban transportation needs, the updated Nano gets cosmetic changes in the form of a redesigned front bumper which incorporates a honeycomb patterned, cheerful grille with dimpled fog lamps. The grim looking thin strip of chrome on the earlier model is now finished in black and carries the Tata logo with pride. Headlamps now get a smoked finish; however, wheels are still secured with just 3 bolts.


At the rear, the tailgate can now be opened and gets a new windscreen, while the grille on the bumper imitates the design at the front. The Tata Nano GenX gets a new steering wheel, slightly tweaked interiors, a 110-litre boot along with a 24-litre fuel tank. Powering the little car is the same 624cc, 2-cylinder, fuel injected petrol engine that will also come mated to an AMT system this time along with the 4-speed manual gearbox.

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