The New Manis Back Protector by Dainese

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Dainese Manis

So you bought a motorcycle and you bought a helmet for your Skull. You also bought gloves, a jacket, knee guards, riding boots and a parachute, just in case. Ready for a ride, you felt like scratching your back and then you started scratching your head, as there is nothing you bought to protect a part of your body which connects your lower floor to the upper deck. So we found just the thing.

This latest Manis back protector from Dainese is the most advanced protector the company has built till date. It isn’t a static piece of armour and provides great freedom of movement while adapting to your back, as it elongates, contracts and flexes with body movements, providing supreme protection at the same time.

The protective structure of the Manis is inspired by the Pangolin, a Mammal of South-east Asian and Sub-Saharan origin that has an impenetrable and a uniquely flexible armour

The innovative construction solution gives the protector 3 more degrees of freedom than protectors of the past, thus allowing it to closely replicate all the shapes of the human back in typical motorcycle racing positions. The protector is capable of extending or retracting by bending, in this way following the movements of the torso. It is also able to bend and twist to follow the lateral bending movements of the body. The external plates with controlled elastic return movement are made of polypropylene and coupled to the crash absorb material. A final layer of comfort material ensures precise coupling with the surface anatomy of the back. The protector is characterized by large perforations and very small surfaces in contact with the body to provide maximum thermal comfort, while the lightweight design completes the design harmony of this revolutionary back protection system.

The Manis back protector retails for about £150, which translates to roughly Rs. 15,000 INR and can be bought online on the Dainese store.

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