New Lamborghini teased before Paris Motor Show debut.


Lamborghini Paris Motor Show

A new Lamborghini has been teased ahead of it’s unveiling at upcoming Paris Motor Show.

Lamborghini, the Italian car maker who transforms asteroids falling on earth into car like objects is about to unveil a new car at the Paris Motor Show. In a teaser which has been revealed before the actual car raises its head on October 2nd, it says, “Once perfection is achieved, you can just double it.” So our guess is, they found a bigger asteroid this time around.

What could it be? We’re stumped. It isn’t the Urus SUV for sure, because the profiles don’t match. Either way, a four-seater or a four-door machine would seemingly fit with the “double it” tagline of the teaser, something on the lines of the fabled Espada. And looks like this one will have it’s engine aft of the front axle.

Lamborghini will unveil the car on October 2nd, so stay tuned to Motoroids India for full details.

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