New Kawasaki J Concept revealed in Tokyo


kawasaki j concept

Japanese bike maker Kawasaki unveiled the new Kawasaki J Concept at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show.

Styled in such a way that it appears to have come straight out of some sci-fi flick, the new concept was responsible for turning quite a lot of heads at the motor show.

The J concept previews a new “personal mobility vehicle” for the future. However, it seems really unlike that the J Concept would ever spawn a production version.

‘The new J concept comes with two modes- Sport and Comfort. In Comfort mode, the front wheels separate out, the hand grips move up and back, the rear tire moves inwards and the seat becomes higher.

The new Kawasaki J concept also previews the bike maker’s new battery technology. Christened as the “Gigacell“, the new battery is basically a high capacity nickel metal hydride unit. Conventionally, electric vehicles use lithium-ion batteries.

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