New Honda Fireblade and RVF1000 V4 superbikes likely to be revealed in 2017


Honda CBR1000R and RVF1000 V4 - 1

Honda CBR1000RR or the Fireblade is one motorcycle that is in dire need for an upgrade, not just to reinstate its own glory, but to slot back Honda in an orbit where it rightfully belongs. While other major Japanese two-wheeler manufacturers – especially Kawasaki and Yamaha have enhanced their litre class flagships to a level where they are ahead of the curve, the Fireblade never really saw any major updates after 2008. So while the flagship Japanese products such as the Yamaha YZF-R1/R1M and the Kawasaki Ninja H2 have been receiving accolades from the motoring fraternity, the Honda Fireblade has antagonized even the most die-hard of Honda fans with its lack of progress.

But things may just be about to change very soon, as a recent report from automotive website Motorcycle News suggests that Honda will unveil two new litre-class motorcycles in 2017 – Fireblade and RVF1000 V4.

Come 2017 and Honda will equip the Fireblade with modern safety features and a more powerful motor to match  its rivals. Sadly though, according to the report, the new Fireblade will be based on the current CBR1000RR and hence it may not be worlds apart from the current generation model. The characteristics too are not likely to change and the next generation Fireblade would be tuned and built to be a everyday, city friendly motorcycle, rather than being a track focused machine. The motoring portal also reports that the 2017 Fireblade is expected to receive lower internal engine component weight and friction, a new airbox, increased power, a new fuel injection system and a new exhaust.

Honda CBR1000R and RVF1000 V4 - 2

The idea of a city commute oriented litre class motorcycle may not go down well with some riders and that’s where the RVF1000 V4 steps in. Few months ago, Honda revealed the RC213V-S, a replica of its MotoGP motorcycle, the RC213V. That motorcycle was priced awfully high, keeping it away from the reach of many buyers. Drawing inspiration from that replica, the RVF1000 V4 will receive some bits from the RC213V-S but will come at a relatively affordable price tag to cater to a wider audience base. Honda had already filed the patents for a V4-engined road legal motorcycle back in October.

As the name suggests, the RVF1000 V4 will be propelled by a V4 engine instead of an in-line four cylinder motor. The engine will most probably be sourced from the RC213V-S but is expected to receive a different state of tune to match its racetrack bred 200 bhp+ rivals. The RVF1000 V4 will also reportedly drop the hand-built frame of the ultra-expensive RC213V for a relatively cheaper cast aluminium monocoque unit.

The RVF1000 V4 will be targeted at the very best in the litre-class segment such as the Yamaha YZF-R1M (a high spec variant of the YZF-R1), the Aprilia RSV4 RF and the likes. Expect to see a whole array of premium mechanicals on the RVF1000 V4, such as electronically adjustable Ohlins suspensions at both ends and high performance brakes complemented by ABS and traction control.

Honda RC213V-S MotoGP Replica

The road spec and highly expensive Honda RC213V-S

We really like the Honda CBR1000RR for its composed, friendly nature and a relatively affordable price tag. That being said, we wouldn’t probably ever buy a litre-class motorcycle to commute to work. The upgrades would be a welcome change but we are looking forward to that V4 powered motorcycle of the two prospects discussed here.

Are you as frustrated as we are with Honda’s unwillingness to participate in the litre class wars all guns blazing? Do share your views with us.

Source: Folks at Motorcycle News

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  • Geoff says:

    I totally agree with the above and am also considering the Aprilia RSV4 as Honda seem to be reluctant to produce a proper V4 sports bike at a comparable price to Aprilia, R1 etc. We know they have the technology but it does seem that the corporate spirit has shifted to producing middle of the road machinery rather than leading edge machine like they used to. Last chance … V4 lightweight performance sports bike under 20k or i buy the RSV4 .!

  • Steve says:

    I've been sitting with baited breath waiting for Honda to give something worth drooling over. I've almost hit my braking point with them and am considering buying the RSV4 RF this coming year. With this announcement, I have to consider all my options again. I've been a diehard Honda fan my entire life but their reluctance to update the CBR has been an extreme source of frustration for me. I even sent in a comment to Honda a while back asking for them to stop with the “bold new graphics” and give Honda fans something to be excited about.

    We know they have the technology and the capability to create a bike (at a much more affordable price) that will rival the competition. They've let their rivals get so far out in front with technology on the street bikes that people have started turning away from the brand. The RC213V-S, while I'm sure amazing fun to ride, with the “track kit”, just wasn't what we were hoping for as far as accessibility. $184,000 is a price only a few can pay and very few would actually ride.

    Is 9 nears between major upgrades too long to wait? I think so…