New Ducati Scrambler Configurator offers the possibility to choose from more than 60 accessories

New Ducati Scrambler Configurator offers the possibility to choose from more than 60 accessories. Complete official details and images here.

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The new Ducati Scrambler configurator is now online. The platform allows for the personalisation, at any time and even via a mobile device, of all six versions of this new and exciting bike. From the Scrambler Icon, to the Sixty2, from the Urban Enduro, to the Full Throttle, the Classic and the Flack Track Pro, all of the bikes in the Scrambler range can be viewed and made even more unique and distinctive.

The Scrambler configurator is one of the many projects falling under the Ducati Brand Unit that promotes ‘self-expression’. All such projects are designed to give room to creativity, expanding the brand using unconventional and increasingly innovative channels.


In terms of motorcycle personalisation, the new Ducati Scrambler configurator offers the possibility to choose from more than 60 accessories: original tank covers and three different Scrambler logos; Racing accessories to emphasise the bike’s sports spirit; six different seats; Enduro accessories for an increasingly complete experience even when off-road; and much more. All of the images available in the configurator are provided in HD, ensuring true to life representation.

The platform offers eleven views of the bike, including side, three-quarter, rear, front, from above and from the riding position. Even the setting can be personalised. The Ducati Scrambler configurator can also be used to choose a trendy and practical garment from the latest apparel collection dedicated to the brand. In order to ensure safety, comfort and style, Scrambler garments include jackets, trousers, gloves, shows, t-shirts, glasses and even helmets and goggles, all useful and fun accessories.


There is also the ‘Hop on your motorbike’ option, an additional function that lets the customer share a configuration with his/her closest Ducati Scrambler dealer and receive useful feedback in real time. The configurator also allows for sharing via social media.

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