New Delhi: Audi Q7 owned by Supreme Court lawyer stolen, driver beaten up

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A group of thieves allegedly robbed an Audi Q7 in New Delhi after abducting the driver and beating him up before dumping him on a road. The SUV is owned by the son of former Additional Solicitor General of India Vikas Singh, Venkatesh, who is a lawyer in the Supreme Court. The incident occurred in at 1 A.M. on Sunday when the driver, identified as Ravi Shankar was waiting for the owner who was at a restaurant for dinner.

Ravi said that around 1 A.M, he saw Venkatesh’s associates coming out of the restaurant after which he decided to bring the car near the restaurant. As he gained entry to the car, the assailants kicked and forced him into the car. The accused later entered the car and threatened to kill Ravi while pointing a pistol at him. Roaming around the area, the robbers beat up Ravi with the butt of the pistol due to which Ravi suffered injuries. He was later dumped at West Delhi’s Jwala Heri even as his mobile phone was taken away by the criminals.

Audi Q7 robbery Ravi Shankar driver

The driver: Ravi Shankar

The victim later reportedly walked for a kilometer while bleeding profusely, even as passer-by’s and security guards of the nearby buildings refused to help him. It was later that two policemen on a motorcycle approached him and took him to the area where he was dumped. On finding out that the case does not fall under their jurisdiction, the cops dropped of the victim to the Mianwali Nagar police station.

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Ravi later called up his employer from the police station even as the latter had already registered a complaint. The police were trying to track the vehicle but were not successful. A few reports claimed that the GPS tracker was removed from the vehicle which is why the vehicle could not be tracked.

Personnel from Mianwali Nagar police station brought Ravi to the Kotla Mubarakpur police station where a case was registered. Ravi was later admitted to the AIIMS Trauma Centre where he reportedly received a few stitches. The police later said they didn’t have any substantial clue about the robbers or the stolen car even as investigations are in progress.

Source: The Hindu

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