New Batmobile from the upcoming Batman Vs Superman movie will make your jaws drop

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2015 Batmobile

It’s more than a bird, it’s more than a plane, it’s more than a pretty face besides a train. So it may look absurd, but don’t be naive, this thing will make your heart bleed profusely, it is the new Batmobile. The most outlandish vehicle ever to grace theatre screens is back in its new avatar and will feature in the upcoming Batman Vs Superman movie. If you thought the Batmobile that featured in the two previous installments was extreme, this one takes things to the stratosphere, which is where we think the two superheroes will slug it out as Superman likes soaking in the views of earth from up above.

The front view of the new Batmobile is enough for a Eurofighter, the F35 and the Sukhoi T-50 to fall from the sky and burn themselves to the ground if they ever dare to lock their radars on this machine. The sharp and angular armoured body should be able to deflect any number of patriotic missiles a bunch of jokers could fire at it, while the rotating shooting apparatus at the front should be able to fire something special which could pierce Superman’s Kryptonite eyes. Below the rotating guns, there seems to be a hydraulic arrangement which lowers some anchoring equipment, maybe to enhance stability while shooting. More than Batman, it will be Lucius Fox’s innovations which will be tested against a man from outer space who has learnt to wear his underpants the right way, but still needs an image consultant who dresses him right.

The upcoming movie is directed by Zack Snyder and Christian Bale is replaced by Ben Affleck, who will be the new Batman. The movie also stars Henry Cavill who will play the role of Superman.

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