Near Perfect Suzuki Hayabusa Replica Is A Hero MotoCorp Xtreme Under The Skin

Check out the Suzuki Hayabusa Replica On Hero MotoCorp Xtreme by Delhi based GM Customs details, images, modifications and more.

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The folks who customised the Yamaha YZF-R15 to look like the mighty Suzuki Hayabusa are back and this time they’ve chosen another 150cc motorcycle. This time, it’s the Hero MotoCorp Xtreme that went in for the Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and came out looking like the legendary Suzuki Hayabusa. In case you’re wondering, yes this complete visual overhaul will cost you fraction of what you’d pay for the original motorcycle.


The upgrade includes the custom built body kit, wider tyres and a dual disc brake at the front. The instrument console too gets an upgrade and it’s identical to the unit on the original superbike. GM Custom does not offer any mechanical upgrade so you’d have to settle for stock performance.


As with the Yamaha YZF-R15, the folks at GM Custom has done a commendable job with the Hayabusa replica and it’s one of the closest copies of the original Suzuki Hayabusa that we’ve seen in the past. We’re sure it’s a perfect alternative for people who do not have the kind of money that’d buy the real deal but we wonder what would Suzuki has to say about it.


What do you think of the Suzuki Hayabusa replica? Let us know your views through the comments section below.

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Hero MotoCorp Xtreme – Suzuki Hayabusa Replica (3)
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