MyAVN Journey, a new In-Car Entertainment (ICE) device, launched in India

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MyAVN has just launched a new device in In-Car Entertainment industry and this state-of-the-art device is available in 2 din size and a touch enabled LCD screen can be easily installed in most of the vehicles on Indian road without tampering the wiring system of the car.

MyAVN Journey is targeted at the mid end car users and those who aspire to use ipods, iphones, browse through Radio/FM/AM. This product provides an option of connecting an external device like Game Player or Karoke to your system and is also designed to support picture output to additional monitors connected in the rear of the car. This inventive device comes with all the inherent features that is normally available in a high end car and is moderately priced at Rs. 26990 onwards with 24 months warranty.

Mr. Pankaj Banka, Director AVN INC said, “MyAVN Journey is the solution for all those who are looking for a comfortable drive with clear music, live navigation and safe Bluetooth option. We have succinctly termed it as “EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE, ENJOY. You can explore the country with Live Navigation, Experience the hi-tech features and last but definitely not the least Enjoy the Sound”. Speaking about the growth of the car infotainment market, he said, “The Indian market is one of the largest in the world for car infotainment as the automobile industry here is one of the most rapidly growing industry and happens to be the ninth largest in the world. The car infotainment industry is valued at Rs 500 Crores onwards and with this launch MyAVN aims to be a part of this industry in a big way”.

To add to the wish list of any customer, MyAVN Journey also has the option of Rear Camera Input. This exceptional feature has the ability to make parking/reversing the car a hassle free process by giving a live display on the LCD screen along with audio video in/out option. Many Cars have audio controls on the steering which allows them to adjust the volume of the sound as well as change tracks & songs. Our system support this factory supplied option directly without any modification. The system also has advanced equalizer settings which allow the listener to adjust the various frequencies of sound suiting to his own ear as some like to hear clear voice, some wat to have loud beats and so on. MyAVN also comes with the latest map software thus eliminating the risk of getting lost while traveling.


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