MY2017 Honda CRF450R and new CRF450RX revealed

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Honda CRF450R

Honda has announced the details of two its new arrivals to the off-road racing world: a totally revised CRF450R moto-crosser, and a new enduro racer – the CRF450RX.

For 2017, the CRF450R has been redesigned ‘from the ground-up’ under the development theme of ‘Absolute Holeshot’. Honda’s open class moto-crosser has earned a reputation for being the best-handling 450cc moto-crosser available, with strong, useable engine power and a chassis that allows riders of all experience levels to put every drop of that power to good use. For the 2017 year model, the full re-design brings a dose of heavy-hitting top end performance in an even sharper, more rider-friendly overall package.

Honda CRF450RX

17YM CRF450R

The new CRF450R features:

  • An HRC-inspired power-up engine with an 11% top-end power boost provided by revised cylinder head with greater valve lift, higher compression ratio and new intake giving a straighter pathway into the inlet ports.
  • Stronger torque, particularly low down, but right throughout the rpm range, for a 5% improvement in acceleration out of the gate.
  • New seventh generation aluminium frame with lower centre of gravity, shorter wheelbase and shorter distance between swingarm pivot and rear wheel, offering unprecedented levels of rear traction.
  • Race-kit specification 49mm Showa steel spring front fork.
  • Titanium fuel tank, smooth, aerodynamically-efficient plastics and the option of electric starter

MY2017 Honda CRF450R and new CRF450RX (5)

Alongside the CRF450R, Honda can now also provide enduro riders with a race-ready machine – the new CRF450RX. Sharing the CRF450R’s new engine and frame package, the CRF450RX has crucial changes to create an enduro focus.

  • Revised suspension settings for enhanced control.
  • Revised PGM-FI settings and an 8.5 litre fuel tank for range of approximately 65km.
  • Three revised engine maps, selectable at the handlebar using Honda’s Engine Mode Select Button.
  • 18” rear wheel.
  • Sidestand and electric start as standard.

Both the CRF450R and CRF450RX will be unveiled at the Assen MX GP August 26th – 28th. Check out some more images of the new Honda CRF450R and CRF450RX below and share your views through the comments section.

ZP20CRF450_ Dimension _comparison
43_MKEA Clutch structure
MY2017 Honda CRF450R and new CRF450RX (7)
ZP7 Power curve image
MY2017 Honda CRF450R and new CRF450RX (5)
MY2017 Honda CRF450R and new CRF450RX (4)
MY2017 Honda CRF450R and new CRF450RX (3)
MY2017 Honda CRF450R and new CRF450RX (2)
MY2017 Honda CRF450R and new CRF450RX (1)
Honda CRF450RX
Honda CRF450R

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