Mumbai Police to Get Customized Patrol Bikes With Modern Gizmos

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Mumbai Police bikes
If all goes well, which unfortunately doesn’t in places of world like our beloved country, the Mumbai cops may soon be seen patrolling our roads Hollywood Movies Ishtyle. White painted machines replete with an LED flash light tower, panniers and an array of gizmos which will put many a car to shame will ferry our traffic police around. The donor bike for the project would be a RE Classic 350, not exactly a swift machine, but not bad either by Indian standards.

The new bike will be designed and furnished by Gabriel Zuzarte, a bike designer by profession, and founder at Road Rage Custom Builds. Gabriel, in awe of the phoren policewalaas riding swanky tech-laden bikes, decided to do his bit to introduce a similar concept for our lawkeepers (ahem!) as well. A string of meetings with senior police officials and the khadi clad men whom we loathe with all our heart began. After a quicker than usual two years of scrubbed soles, the relevant authorities gave him the green signal.

The bikes will be equipped with advanced gadgets and technology to enable the cops with capturing evidence, getting to the required spot more quickly and issuing the challans more efficiently. The list of gizmos on the bike will include all-weather cameras at both ends, Satellite Navigation, an all-weather laptop and printer to issue the fine receipts. Cool, isn’t it?

In addition the bikes will also have panniers and other storage boxes for first aid, cordoning gear, tents (?!) and some other equipment of relevance to the policemen. Once the first bike is ready by August 2013, policemen will undergo training to use its features properly. As you would expect no one has put any money on Gabriel’s concept yet, the first bike will be made with his own blood, sweat and money. However, he thinks that once the test bike shows its utility, the state government will be more than willing to commission more such units.

We really appreciate Gabriel’s zeal and enthusiasm for the project, and hope that his bikes actually improve the efficiency of our cops.

How effective these machines would be in the real world? Your guess is as good as mine. Do let us know what you think about the concept. Your views are important, please share them with us via comments.

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