MRF Tyres announces the launch of ‘Ride Along with MRF’ biking community

MRF Tyres announces the launch of ‘Ride Along with MRF’ biking community. Here are more details of the new biking community.

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Indian Tyre manufacturer MRF Tyres announced the launch of a one of a kind riding community ‘Ride Along with MRF’. During the ICC Cricket World T20, MRF launched an initiative to add Thrill to the lives of two-wheeler owners across India. The campaign also gave MRF an insight into the latent needs of bikers across India. So MRF decided to cater to these needs and fuel the passion of the riders. Additionally, MRF will also galvanise fellow riders to join the monthly ‘Ride for a Cause’ promoting a social cause or celebrating an occasion. These will be special rides which aim to raise awareness about cause across India.

This fan run portal launched by MRF aims at making group riding a more accepted phenomenon. MRF aims at not only catering to the rising need but also making ‘going on rides’ a safe, enjoyable activity that any two wheeler owner can set out to do. The idea is to create a place where a rider, with any bike or biking experience, can come and fuel his/her passion for riding.

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This community aims to offer short, weekend ride ideas for bikers to explore with their friends. These ride ideas will be crowd-sourced and curated by the experts. All ride ideas have been given a difficulty rating and suggestions of whether an experienced biker should go along, is made. Also, the ride ideas are diverse with experiences ranging from a foodie ride to a thrill ride.

While the community will start off with MRF Ride Ambassadors in nine cities across India namely – Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Pune, Nagpur, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Dharmashala; the plan is to expand quickly to many more cities and towns, and give bikers there a way to explore India on two-wheels one weekend at a time

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