Mr Ratan Tata Invests In Electric Two-Wheeler Startup Tork Motors

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Where major manufacturers are still taking their time to introduce fully-electric machines, startups have been at the forefront and leading the charge into an electric future for two-wheelers in India. Pune-based Tork Motors is one such manufacturer and is gearing up to launch its flagship product, the T6X motorcycle. Having raised funds from ancillaries major Bharat Forge and Bhavish Aggarwal (Founder of Ola cabs), the company has attracted funds from Mr Ratan Tata, Chairman of Tata Sons. The much-admired industrialist has invested an undisclosed amount in the Pune-based electric vehicle start-up.

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Tork Motors is about to introduce indigenously developed electric vehicles which are Made in India and their first product is built as a culmination of years of extensive research and development. Powered by lithium ion batteries, the T6X, an electric motorcycle, is engineered to travel at a top speed of 100 kmph, and runs 100 km on a single charge. The battery can be charged up-to 80% in an hour. It features their signature TIROS (Tork Intuitive Response Operating System), an AI system which will power the T6X.  Apart from analysis and compilation of data for every ride, power management, real time power consumption and range forecasts, TIROS also likes to learn how you ride.

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Speaking about the investment, Mr. Ratan Tata said, “In last few years, there has been a sea of changes in the attitude towards electric vehicles. This industry is changing rapidly and I place good value on the sound logic and the approach that the team at Tork Motors has taken. Overall, I am very impressed and feel that this is the kind of spirit that should be present in every Indian entrepreneur.

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The Tork T6X was first revealed in 2016 and was slated to become the first fully-electric motorcycle in India. However, the makers hit some challenges and decided to develop the product further and make it better, before making it available commercially. The bike is fully made in India, except for the Li-ion batteries and should arrive some time next year. Since then, Revolt Intellicorp has beaten Tork Motors to launch the first full-electric motorcycle in India in the form of the RV 300 and the RV 400.

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