Motoroids First ever Bangalore MotoMeet!


Bangalore MotoMeet

The MotoMeet in bangalore was more of a city based meet primarily targeted at increasing interaction between existing and potential Motoroids. The attendance largely consisted of seasoned bikers who already are associated with some or the other motorcycling club in the past and have added Motoroids to their set of activities because they found it to be something different from the run of the mill automotive lifestyle entity and feel it has a potential to make things better in the overall motoring lifestyle segment.

Bangalore MotoMeet

(L-R) – Avin, Praful & Niranjan

Following were the participants of this Moto Meet: 

1. Venkat Shyam

2. Harshad Sharma

3. Avin Richards

4. John

5. Manjunath

6. Jasir Man

7. Niranjan Prasad

8. Praful tripathy

9. Renukumar

10. Prasanna M

11. Praveen Sathaye

Bangalore MotoMeet

 (L-R) – Manjunath, Jasir, John & Avin

The meet started off with a round table conference at Venkat’s Service station in Banashankari, Bangalore and continued over cups of coffee and mini idlis and other South Indian snacks at Shri Ganesh Coffee House at Jayanagar. Starting time was 2:00 PM and it went on till about 8:00 PM. Following is the crux of the discussion:

Bangalore MotoMeet




Bangalore MotoMeet

Why do you want to be a Motoroid? 

Most of the riders had joined in with a sole motive of meeting fellow bikers and in some little way make a difference to the motorcycling community. They wanted to be a part of this motorcycle lifestyle movement and wanted to do something different from the other forums. Most importantly they wanted a platform where some really sensible stuff could be discussed instead of the usual clutter seen on some of the forums. Hence, it was mutually agreed that the forum on Motoroids would be more versatile than what a normal forum usually is; where every topic would be taken seriously and provide a learning experience for all.  It should be an eye opening article rather than just a thread of meaningless arguments and discussions.

Some of them wanted to actively take upto motorsports or radical motorcycling and thought of Motoroids as a good platform from where they could receive information and details of all such events. Overall most of the people were here for the sheer love of riding and touring as most of the people owned premium motorcycles and were interested in spanning the length and breadth of the country.

Bangalore MotoMeet

Mangalore Buns at Sri Ganesh Cafe


What can be your contributions?

Most of the riders volunteered to help in organizing meets in the respective areas and also help in covering ground events if given the right authority and prior intimation. If invited to cover an event as media, they would be the official representatives of Motoroids in Bangalore and cover the same for us and send in details and pictures. The Meet or Ride coordinator would eventually be a single point of contact for any future ride or meet called for; and shall take responsibility of the venue, the destination and supervise the overall event.

They will also assimilate a rich repository of content detailing the closest places to ride in and around Bangalore, the ideal route to take, basics of group riding; and ways to gauge the weather conditions under which a ride can be planned and done. They would also help in planning and organizing long touring expeditions around their region. Same goes for track days and other motorsports events. Unanimously everyone is ready to volunteer to take up the responsibility, as long as the same has been formally entrusted to them tough official Motoroids communications channel.

Bangalore MotoMeet

Manjunath on his Classic Pulsar 150

Bangalore MotoMeet

(L-R) – Niranjan, Prasanna & Renukumar


Suggestions received at the meeting: 

• We should identify people in the ‘Hall of Fame’ and list out their accomplishments.

• Individual Motoroids profiles needs to be created and updated regularly.

• One person should be appointed as Chief Coordinator to send out reminders for updating or update the same from his end as soon as an event is registered.

• There should be a different space dedicated on the forum to update about past rides and events undertaken by Motoroids.

• Add Google trails and maps to profile view also for rides accomplished.

• Extend forum activity to real meets and rides. Type less; ride more!

• Create a Who’s who of Motoroids? Identity crisis needs to be removed and contact details need to be shared.

• More details of people’s personality, their bikes should be shared and less about their lifestyle.

• Everyone should be encouraged to get out and ride.

• We must have an Induction process and procedure with necessary paperwork. A Short 20 Km ride should qualify for membership and riding style, etc. should be supervised by Motoroids officials and MotoReps.

• Motoroids should be like an umbrella of multiple activities and all of these should simultaneously take off which means we need to have more people taking complete responsibility of each activity. Turn to friends and volunteers for these activities. Have them take responsibility on a rotational basis.

• Also merchandising activities needs to be started. We can have more versatile merchandise rather than just stickers and tees like glasses, caps, bandana’s, key chains, etc.

• For attempts in motorsport events, we should have better machines allotted to us or procured with the help of manufacturers.

• All MotoReps and Motoroids members should make use of social networking and help in every small way to spread the word of events, activities and initiatives.

• Forum can be made more interactive with the inclusion of a interactive chat session too for instant pinging and messaging.

Bangalore MotoMeet

Avin on his Pulsar 180


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