Monsoon Madness 4


While most bikers prefer to pack their bikes and store them away praying, “Rain, rain go away” a bunch of riders embark upon the annual maddening monsoon rally.

Monsoon Madness – an annual event for bikers to get their machines out in the pouring rains and make their way through thick mud, slush and puddles was held on 2nd of August this year. The event in its fourth edition was coined by Mr. Sanket Shanbag, a motorcycling enthusiast from Satara four years back, to bring together bikers from all over to participate in this fun filled ride in the monsoons. This event is known for putting men and their machines for a test and up for this test were the bullet club from Pune, Roadshakers, who rode down to Satara to be a part of this rally. Apart from the good old bullets, a variety of other bikes were also seen in this rally from Karizma to RX 100 and the Honda Activa’s.

The annual maddening monsoon rally
The man behind the execution of this event, Mr. Sanket Shanbag, on his Kinetic Honda
Monsoon Madness - an annual event for bikers to get their machines out in the pouring rains
(Clockwise) -Whoah! This bridge is strong enough to hold atleast 3 Bullets at a time!
Monsoon Madness - Riders halt for capturing snaps at the top of wind mill farms in Chalkewadi
Riders halt for capturing snaps at the top of wind mill farms in Chalkewadi

The rally was flagged off at 10 am by the MP of Satara, Mr. Ubayan Rajan Bhosale, also the 13 desendent of the Shivaji Royal family. With that, the madness had begun. The 120 km ride put the bikers to the ultimate challenge of riding though the treacherous valleys of the Sahyadris , presenting valuable lessons of handling bikes on various road terrains. Riding amidst beautiful waterfalls and lush green valleys, the riders made it to the Suzlon wind mill farms where they had a small pit stop for lunch. It’s no surprise to find couple of breakdowns and bike slips, giving to the nature of the rally and road conditions. These biker enthusiasts fix up their machines pronto and never waste a minute to laugh off all troubles, come what may! By the time, these bikers got back home; feeling gratified on finishing Monsoon Madness successfully, they were greeted with yet another challenge of getting rid of dried mud from their steads, pants and riding boots!

Roadshakers, the Royal Enfield club from Pune
Roadshakers, the Royal Enfield club from Pune, participated in the rally with a count of 24 bikes and 3 pillions



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