This modified Daewoo Matiz is pretty intense

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The Daewoo Matiz was a cute little runabout that minded its own business. That 800cc petrol engine was pretty wheezy, but it was a pretty well rounded car for its time. Thinking of modifying it might have crossed people’s minds, but this guy/garage went utterly overboard. We stumbled on it online and thought it might be worth featuring here. Though this contraption reminds us of DC Design’s work in every possible way, apparently it isn’t- the modifier is still unknown. The donor car is hard to figure out, the only giveaways being the windscreen and the A-pillars- and the only elements left untouched from the original car.

dc matiz 2


The front features aggressive, exaggerated headlamps and a huge air-dam replete with mesh work- light-years away from your cutesy Matiz front fascia with its round lamps and no grille. The car is now a two door job, with massive side windows and a glasshouse that tapers towards the back and seems to be held by this gigantic spoiler that starts from as low as the tail lamps! The wing mirrors are stuck to the side windows with glue- one seems to have fallen off. The rear is another story featuring massive everything here as well, apart from the rear window- which has shrunk to a porthole sized opening. An oversized grille has found its way here as well, and is flanked by various slits and gashes. The rear lamps look el-cheapo and so do the dual exhaust outlets- fake as always. Then there are Honda Accord wheels to boot!

dc matiz 3

Source : Kolkata Car Fanatics 

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