Modern day BSA renderings would make you wish Mahindra took them seriously

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Back in October 2016, Mahindra and Mahindra’s subsidiary, Classic Legends Pvt Ltd. (CLPL), took over legendary British motorcycle brands BSA and JAWA and the first motorcycles from the latest takeover are expected to arrive in India by 2019. While we are yet to see any product from the two-wheeler maker, render artists are leaving their imagination loose, creating some serious artwork on the white board. The latest to reach from the drawing board to the internet are three concept motorcycles designed by Oberdan Bezzi and published on Motosketches.

BSA Desert Sled 355 Concept


First of the three concepts is the ‘go anywhere’ BSA Desert Sled 355 Concept which looks ready to race across the Sahara. The rendered motorcycle gets a compact and a rugged design with a high raise fender, spoke-wired wheels, a bash plate to protect the engine and knobby tyres. The tall set exhaust will enable the motorcycle to wade through streams or puddles without much hassle. The rendered motorcycle also features modern equipment such as USD front fork, gas charged rear shock absorber and Brembo brakes with steel braided brake lines.

The Desert Sled is not designed to be road legal and thus misses out on equipment such as a headlamp, tail light, blinkers and rear view mirrors and that’s where the BSA MX 355 Concept steps in.

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BSA MX 355 Concept


The BSA MX 355 Concept is a render of a street legal motorcycle with some serious off-road prowess. The concept motorcycle dons most of the hardware from the Desert Sled but adds other bits such as headlight, tail lamp and rear view mirrors to make it street legal. That being said, it still features a longer suspension, wired-spoke wheels and knobby tyres which make it off road ready. The high raised exhaust will enable it to ride through some of the most challenging surfaces without breaking sweat. Similar to the Desert Sled, MX 355 Concept too features USD front fork, gas charged rear shock absorber and Brembo brakes with steel braided brake lines.

It still features a single seat setup and so, even after displaying your impressive riding skills, you’d still be going home alone and that’s where the BSA Victor 355 Concept comes to the rescue.

BSA Victor 355 Concept


The BSA Victor 355 Concept is the most practical of the three rendered motorcycles. It features a pillion seat so you can take those PYTs for a coffee. Despite being practical, it still packs some off-road capabilities and while you may not see a tall set front fender, you still get those wired-spoke wheels and knobby tyres that would give you the confidence to go off the tarmac. Similar to the MX355 Concept, the Victor 355 features a high raised exhaust, USD front fork, gas charged rear shock absorber and Brembo brakes with steel braided brake lines.

The three renders are a marriage of retro styling with modern day equipment. The engines on the three may not be the most potent ones but they’d get the job done. Bezzi says that the performance of the motorcycle may not match the modern day motocross bikes but it’s about joy of owning a legendary brand and becoming a part of BSA’s rich history.

We’d probably never see these motorcycles reaching mass production but these renders should give you a fair idea about customising your existing BSA motorcycle. Let us know if you have any modification ideas for cars and bikes and if we like it, we’d feature your render/design on Motoroids. Don’t forget to share these renders with your friends using our Social Sharing Tools.

Via Motosketches

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  • Rakesh Kumar says:

    It would be good if the design is similar to the Royal Enfield classic .. A little competition keeps the motorcycle enthusiast and the market alive !!