Mitsubishi Outlander taken off the shelves in India. Is the 2014 Outlander coming?

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The legendary Mitsubishi Evo X and Indian C segment sedan Mitsubishi Cedia aren’t the only cars that have been taken off the shelves from the carmaker’s dealerships in India.

Along with these two cars, Mitsubishi India has also discontinued the Outlander crossover. Mitsubishi India’s official website says: ‘A Fashion Statement Has Moved Away From The Spotlight’. ‘Production has ceased’.

We aren’t too surprised to see the Outlander being discontinued. Outlander was never a hot seller and while we love the car for the driving pleasure it offers, lack of a diesel engine and a decent sales and after sales network ensured that prospective buyers decided to steer away from the car.

The Outlander was launched in India in 2009. The car also got a facelift later in its life. However, it did little to bring more SUV buyers to Mitsubishi.
Mitsubishi unveiled the new generation 2014 Outlander at the 2013 Los Angeles Motor Show. The 2014 Outlander is a completely new car and has seems to be a well sorted out product. However, Mitsubishi hasn’t yet revealed if it has plans to launch the new Outlander in India.

With the discontinuation of Outlander, Cedia Sports and the Evo X, Mitsubishi India’s current line-up is left with only the Pajero Sport and the Montero.

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  • varun says:

    Hello Mitsubishi
    Eventhough you have the best products you dn’t know how to market how to price them and after sales support.The most funniest part is that how come you got a ***** idea to collaborate with HM with old stuff.

    I challenge you not today or tomorrow and even if we give you another 20 years time you can’t see yourself atleast among top 10 players in india.