Michael Boneham joins Sewells Group Executive Management Board

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Sewells Group has announced that Michael Boneham, a senior auto industry executive, has joined their Executive Management Board on 16th Sept. 2013. Michael will be based in Sydney, Australia.

In his role as the board member, he will offer strategic guidance to Sewells Group Executive Leadership Team while they expand their
business globally. Melbourne based Sewells Group is a leading provider of retail solutions to automotive companies across Asia Pacific, Africa & Middle East Regions.

Sewells Group closely works with the leading automotive brands to improve the performance of their dealer networks. Michael Boneham has been a senior executive with Ford Motor Company and has recently retired as President & Managing Director of Ford India.

Sewells Group Managing Director Manish Jar said, “Michael is a visionary leader and a reputed auto industry expert. With  his strategic
guidance, Sewells Group will continue to grow to new heights as thought leaders in the automotive retail performance enhancement

Michael Boneham on the occasion,”Retail network performance is a strategic lever for an auto OEMs business. More and more OEMs are realizing its importance and  are getting focused  on this are. Sewells Group has been at the forefront of this transformation and is uniquely positioned to help auto OEMs in this are. I am excited to be part of this journey and am looking forward to making a contribution to the industry that has give me so much as a professional.”

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