Mercedes to offer Special Edition of A-Class and B-Class hatchbacks

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Mercedes-Benz has done some remarkable sales with its luxury hatchbacks, the A-Class and B-Class. Now, the German manufacturer is all set to introduce Special Editions of these entry-level models in India. These Special Editions will receive updates in form of a better equipment list, especially the diesel variants of the two hatchbacks which were till now kept on the backburner.


The A-Class and B-Class diesels were placed lower than their petrol siblings to help the latter receive more attention. However, since the demand for comforts and luxury features is high for the diesel variants and with customers willing to pay the extra buck without any hesitation, Mercedes-Benz will now cater to their demand.


The feature list may include a panoramic sunroof coming to the diesel A-Class and B-Class, centre armrest & entertainment options for the rear seat and an updated reversing camera. Mercedes-Benz is also expected to give the B-Class a newer set of suspensions after listening to numerous complaints about the ride quality. The company may also replace smaller wheels on the B-Class with higher profile tyres. This change will also be effective in the A-Class. The Special Edition may also see new colour schemes and upholstery options to the A-Class and B-Class.

The Special Edition A-Class and B-Class are expected to roll out across the Mercedes-Benz India dealerships sometime later this month.


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