Mercedes-Benz to launch M-class Grand, bring R-class to India


Mercedes-Benz’s brand new 2011 M-class SUV is just around the corner. The new machine will replae the current version in the coming months. Needless to say, the sales of the current-gen SUV will dwindle down slowly as the launch date of the new version comes closer. To keep the interest of customers in the handsome looking SUV alive, M-B India is planning to launch a new edition of the M-class.

The new variant will be price about Rs 5 lakh rupees more than its stock version. M-B India has christened the new version ‘ M-class Grand Edition’. What’s new? Well, the Grand Edition will have a new exterior and interior styling changes, including a set of daytime running LED lights. The Grand variant will ride on 19 inch wheels, will have dark shadows (tint) around its eyes (it’s ageing you see), aluminium roof rails,  and a few other goodies.

From the inside, the car will feature new wood trim parts, special leather upholstery and designer cabin lighting.
Apart from introducing the M-class, the triple pointed star is planning to bring the R-class to India this Diwali, and guess what? The bookings for at car are already open.

The R-class, although an MUV in essence, is an extremely premium one. Won’t you much rather have an MUV that produces more than 279 horses and 350Nm of torque, and is powered by a 3.5-litre power plant, than going for a pretender? Of course, that sort of power will cost you some money – more than 60 lakh rupees to be more precise. The car will be imported to India as a CBU and will come loaded to the gills with features. Stay tuned for a detailed feature on this baby, which is a totally new class of product for the Indian market.


  1. if corolla was launched with an automatic version instead of 6speed manual! at least they should have launched a 5 speed automatic gearbox, i would have been delighted, but again iam disappointed with launch , there is no powerful motor 2.0 litre, how can it compete with laura and cruze, both have strong motor,an automatic gearbox, now altis will sale only because of its price and an affordable first diesel sedan from toyota, i expected a lot, anyway let see their next version of corolla!


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