Mercedes-Benz LuxeDrive experience drives into Goa

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Mercedes-Benz organized its unique customer engagement program, the ‘LuxeDrive’, in Goa. This exclusive experiential event fascinated customers through a blend of adrenaline, gourmet and haute couture. LuxeDrive was organized in Goa on 31st October and 1st November, 2015 at the Verna Industrial Estate Goa.

This installment of Mercedes-Benz LuxeDrive showcased the technical expertise and performance of Mercedes-Benz range of vehicles, through a series of self-driving exercises on a specially designed test track. Managed by a team of expert drivers, various vehicle dynamics and features were experienced by participants in both off-road and on-road conditions. The visitors also experienced the memorable ‘Ah My God!’ feeling with the range of AMG models. Guests also had the unique opportunity to get a free car evaluation from Mercedes-Benz pre-owned car sales team and an opportunity for special trade-in and personalized finance offers.

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There was a special zone for exclusive Mercedes-Benz merchandise. The special ‘kids’ zone’ with games for engaging the kids while their parents/relatives toured was an added attraction. The MercedesTrophy zone had exclusive MercedesTrophy goodies on display that kept the participants and families engaged throughout.

The Collective retail concept saw over 100 of the world’s best fashion brands under one roof. This lifestyle store offers all connoisseurs a unique point of view on each individual’s own personal style. The participants checked out the clothes and accessories on display at the Luxe Drive website. The website also facilitates the customer to pre-order clothes or accessories of their choice which will be delivered to them at the venue.

Mercedes-Benz LuxeDrive experience (5)
Mercedes-Benz LuxeDrive experience (4)
Mercedes-Benz LuxeDrive experience (3)
Mercedes-Benz LuxeDrive experience (2)
Mercedes-Benz LuxeDrive experience (1)

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