Meet Quadro4- the world’s first 4 wheeled tilting scooter!

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Autoscoots are fun indeed- particularly in this part of the world where convenience simply rules over horsepower, wriggling in and out of the bustling and slow moving vehicular population. Out of the nuisance and these little set of wheels seem nothing more than a boring commuting tool. Wish we had something like the Quadro4 which happens to be the world’s first four wheeled scooter.

Quadro4 4 wheeled Scooter

Not only does the scoot make light of the daily traffic chores due to a CVT transmission, but also looks a fun to ride around tool without the fear of crashing. Thanks to the four wheels which individually feature an independent suspension and the best part is the dual Hydraulic Titling System (HTS) which allows the rider to tilt the four wheeled scoot to 45 degree lean angles. Have a look!

Quadro4 extreme leaning

Powered by a liquid-cooled 346cc single-cylinder engine producing a decent 30 hp @ 7500 rpm, the Quadro4 has enough power to double up as a pleasurable weekend tool. Rolling on 110 section 14 inch wheels, the Quadro4 features 240mm discs with combined braking system. Brakes on the front wheels can be applied via the right lever and all four via the left.

Quadro4- worlds first four wheel scooter

Other features on the Quadro4 include high intensity lights, LED blinkers, large underseat storage and a charging outlet for mobiles and media devices. Now that’s makes for a perfect weekend outing and getting your knee down couldn’t have been easier than this.

Quadro4 high speed

Here are the Quadro4’s technical specifications

Engine – Liquid cooled 346cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve
Bore/Stroke – 82 X 65.5mm
Max Power – 30 bhp @7500 rpm
Max Torque – 24.5 nm @ 5000 rpm
Fueling system – EFI
Ignition – Electronic
Clutch – Automatic dry centrifugal
Primary Drive – Automatic CVT with integrated differential
Final Drive – Dual drive timing belt

Chassis – Steel tubes
Suspension Front & Rear – Hydraulic Tilting System (oleo-pneumatic tilting suspension)
Braking system – Hydraulic, four 240mm discs combined braking
Wheels Front and Rear – 2.75 x 14”
Tyres Front and Rear – 110/80 – 14”

Height – 52.75 in.
Length – 85.83 in.
Seat Height – 30.32 in.
Steering Angle – 19-degrees
Tilting Angle – 45-degrees
Dry Weight – 256 kgs
Fuel Tank – 15 litres


Quadro 4 leaning
Quadro4 scooter
Quadro4- worlds first four wheel scooter
Quadro4 titling
quadro 4 hydraulic tilting system
Quadro4 cornering
Quadro4 45 degrees lean angle
Quadro4 cornering (2)
Quadro4 extreme leaning
Quadro4 EICMA 2014
Quadro4 front view
Quadro4 high speed
Quadro4 high speed (2)
Quadro4 4 wheeled Scooter

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