You may soon have to display proof of parking before buying a new car

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Soon, buying a car would involve another tiresome task of displaying a proof of parking before you lay hands on your vehicle. The proposal in the Road Transport and Safety Bill 2014 recommends a mandatory parking space before purchasing a car. The bill, which is yet to be debated in the Parliament, requires every fresh application for vehicle registration to be accompanied by proof of parking space that has been duly specified by the local government authority.

Section (90) 3 of the bill reads, “The application for registration shall be accompanied by such proof of parking space as may be specified by the state government of the state within which the competent registering authority, being applied to, is located subject to a notification to this effect provided by the appropriate state government or municipality or panchayat …..”

But the proposal has already started receiving negative response from car manufacturers who believe that this will further complicate the buying process, hence, repelling the customers away. This proposal will definitely make people more responsible towards parking their vehicles especially on clogged streets but you also realise the negatives involved when you step into the shoes of a car owner or a car manufacturer.

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  • Madanbhaai says:

    What about the people who had their parking place that has been acquired by government for road widening?
    You cannot expect any sensible act from nonsense government! Useless and meaningless bill!
    – Philanthropist editor Madansingh Shekhaawat also known as Madanbhaai ( Proponent of social activism and civil liberties )